Maintenance Program

Pit Pass Highlights

SILVER PIT PASS - 600 miles - 2,500 miles - 4,000 miles - 20 hours

Maintenance per Honda’s recommended schedule

  • PLUS: Drive chain adjustment and lube.
  • PLUS: Financing available through Honda Finance with purchase of unit.
  • PLUS: 40-point written inspection each time unit is in for maintenance.

GOLD PIT PASS - 5,000 miles - 8,000 miles or 100 hours

All of silver pits pass benefits

  • PLUS: All additional chassis and engine maintenance including valve adjustments and carburetor synchronization.
  • PLUS: Missouri state inspection sticker at no charge.
  • PLUS: Battery health check and print out of your batteries life status.

PLATINUM PIT PASS - 12,000 miles or 200 hours

All of silver pit pass and gold pit pass benefits

  • PLUS: Priority repair scheduling. Repair estimate in 24 hours and repair completed in 72 hours after approved estimate, pending parts availability or you will receive a $50.00 gift card.
  • PLUS: Transferable or refundable.
  • PLUS: $200 trade-in certificate at time of delivery.
  • PLUS: 5% discount on labor for any non-related maintenance work performed to your unit while it is in for PIT PASS maintenance.